Pictures Aimed At Your Brain

By Dr. Insensitive Jerk

Feelustrate is a trademark of me, Dr. Insensitive Jerk. This trademark is defensive. I claim it so nobody else will, and to protect the word's meaning.

I give you permission to use the term, feelustrate, even commercially, so long as you respect the word's meaning, as explained on this web site. Attribution (to me) is good manners, but not compulsory.

Let me repeat that. I give feelustrate, the term and the concept, to the world. My price is that the word's meaning be respected, not bastardized to promote every book with pictures.

The material on this web site may be reposted freely. All the images were placed in the public domain by their creators. They didn't even demand attribution, but I did it anyway. If you don't, you are a jerk.

The Gaia's Wasp trilogy of novels is copyrighted by me, Dr. Insensitive Jerk. You may use up to fifty pages, even commercially, for the purpose of explaining feelustration.

Feelustration is new, and I have not fully plumbed its possibilities. I hope you will, and use it to write something glorious.

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